About Gourmand

Gourmand is an artisan food truck, cafe, and culinary movement founded in Reading, Pennsylvania and expanding at a delicious pace. For foodies and fans of the genre, Gourmand is the find you’re fiending for!

Cafe Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday: 7:30am – 3pm
Friday to Saturday: 7:30am – 9pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm

Street Selections

Hummus & Olive Tapenade: Our Homemade Hummus and Olive Tapenade Served w/ House Fried Tortilla Chips. $9.00
Poutine: Crisp Shoestring Fries Smothered w/ Homemade Beef Gravy and Topped w/ Crumbled Goat Cheese. $8.00
Veggie Lovers Fries: Sautéed Mushrooms/Onions, Grilled Tomato, Balsamic Glaze, Truffle Aioli & Crumbled Provolone. $9.00
Kale & Goat Cheese Salad: Fresh Kale, Crumbled Goat Cheese, Sumac Berry Aioli, Craisins & Candied Pecans. $8.00
Gourmand Fries: Fried Pastrami, Melted Provolone, Crumbled Bacon, Pico De Gallo & Chipotle Aioli. $9.00
Cheddar Pork Fries: Our Pulled Pork topped w/ White Cheddar, Slaw & Chipotle Aioli on Shoestring Fries. $9.00
Gourmand Steak Fries: Shoestring Fries smothered w/ Chopped Ribeye Steak, Caramelized Onions & White Cheddar Sauce. $9.00

The Berks: Fried Lebanon Bologna, Cream Cheese, Apple Butter & Good’s Potato Chips on a Grilled Potato Bun. $8.00
Chicago Style Italian Beef: Sliced Roast Beef, Cooked In Au Jus and topped w/ Shaved Parmesan & Banana Peppers on a Hard Roll. $9.00
Trio Cheese: Melted Cooper, Sharp Provolone & White Cheddar on Grilled Italian Bread. Served with Fries. $8.00
The Burgh: Pastrami and Melted Provolone, topped w/ Fries, Tomato, & Cole Slaw and Layered Between Thick Cut Slices of Italian Bread. $9.00
Ahi Ceviche Fish Tacos: Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna, Marinated in Lime Juice and Topped With Chipotle Aioli, Cabbage Slaw, and Pico De Gallo. $11.00
Spicy Pulled Pork BBQ: North Carolina Pulled Pork, Melted American, Cabbage Slaw, and Chipotle Aioli On a Grilled Potato Roll. $9.00
Grilled Mushroom Melt: Sautéed Balsamic Mushrooms, Melted Provolone, Spring Mix, and Truffle Aioli On Italian Bread. $8.00
All Day Breakfast Sandwich: Fried eggs, Sausage or Ribeye Steak, Melted American Or Provolone, on a Grilled Potato Roll. $8.00

Gourmand proudly serves Coca Cola products.
Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, Sprite & Bottled Water
All prices include 6% PA sales tax.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish,or eggs may increase your risk of food born illness.

Cafe Cuisine

Featured Hummus:$7.00
Our Homemade Hummus & Decadent Olive Spread, served w/ House Fried Tortilla Chips.
Salmon & Goat Cheese Sliders:$7.50
Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese, Balsamic Glaze & Spring Mix on Grilled Slider Rolls.
Beet Margherita Plate:$7.50
Whole Beets, Mozzarella Pearls, Pickled Red Onion, Arugula, Balsamic Drizzle & Garlic Toasts.
Grilled Chicken Skewers:$8.00
Topped w/ either Hot Sauce/Bleu Cheese or Sautéed Mushrooms, with Truffle Aioli & Crumbled Goat Cheese.
Deli Salad Sliders:$7.00
Hummus w/ either Field Greens/Tomato, Chicken Salad/Provolone, or Tuna/Swiss w/ Red Onion.
Tomatillo Guacamole:$6.00
Pureed Tomatillos, Minced Garlic & Avocado Blended w/ Pico De Gallo and served w/ Tortilla Chips.

Gourmand Fries:$8.00
Fried pastrami, melted provolone, crumbled bacon, pico de gallo, and chipotle aioli.
Truffled Goat Cheese Fries:$7.00
A bed of hot fries topped with truffle aioli, crumbled goat cheese, and chives.
Hot crispy fries, smothered with rich beef gravy, and topped with crumbled goat cheese and chopped scallions.
Midwest Fries:$8.00
Our crispy fries covered with rich “Loose Meat” and slathered with pickles, fancy sauce, and white cheddar.
Cheese Steak Fries:$8.00
Shoestring fries smothered with chopped ribeye steak, caramelized onions, and white cheddar sauce.
Cheddar Pork Fries:$8.00
Our pulled pork topped with white cheddar, slaw, and chipotle aioli on top of shoestring fries.

Kale & Goat Cheese Salad:$8.00
Crisp Kale, crumbled goat cheese, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and a sumac berry aioli drizzle.
Nicoise Salad Our Way:$11.00
Olive blend, asparagus, hard boiled egg, Oil poached Ahi tuna, tomato wedges, w/ Italian dressing.
Southern Style Cobb:$8.00
Blackened chicken, egg, cooper sharp, pico de gallo, scallions, and tortilla strips. Served w/ Southwest dressing.
Red Beet & Goat Cheese:$10.00
Goat cheese crumbles, sliced beets, walnuts, and crisp arugula, w/ organic honey & mustard seed vinaigrette.
Mixed Green Tuna Salad:$8.00
Spring Mix, red onion, sliced cucumber, and shaved parmesan with a generous portion of homemade tuna salad.
Chopped Steak Salad:$9.00
Romaine lettuce, shaved ribeye steak, crumbled blue cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and red wine vinaigrette.
Caesar a la Gourmand:$9.00
Freshly chopped romaine, homemade Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan, and croutons. $7.00 Add Chicken.
Classic Chef Salad:$9.00
Romaine, ham, turkey breast, crumbled bleu cheese, egg, tomato, red onion, and banana peppers served w/ ranch.
Seared Ahi Tuna Salad:$12.00
Over spring mix w/ mandarin oranges, water chestnuts, scallions, and almonds. Served w/ a pear-cilantro vinaigrette.
Manchego Apple Walnut:$10.00
Pickled fennel, shaved green apple, diced walnuts, and manchego over arugula and spring mix w/ sherry vinaigrette.

(All sandwiches are served with Gourmand’s house fried potato chips or Ranch pretzel bites.)
The Berks:$8.50
Fried Lebanon Bologna, cream cheese, apple butter, and homemade potato chips on a grilled potato bun.
Iowa Tavern Sandwich:$8.50
Lightly herbed “loose” ground beef, house made pickles, melted cheddar, and fancy sauce on a potato roll.
Chicago Style Italian Beef:$8.50
Sliced roast beef, cooked in Au Jus, topped with shaved Parmesan and banana peppers on a hard roll.
Trio Cheese:$7.50
Melted Gruyere, sharp provolone ,and asiago on thick-cut, grilled Italian bread. served with fries.
The Burgh:$8.50
Pastrami and melted provolone, topped with fries, tomato, and Cole slaw; layered between thick cut slices of Italian bread.
Ahi Ceviche Fish Tacos:$10.00
Sushi grade Ahi tuna, marinated in lime juice and topped with chipotle aioli, cabbage slaw, and pico de gallo.
Chicken Salad Reuben:$8.50
Fresh chicken salad, melted cooper sharp, Cole slaw, thick cut wheat toast, and Hollandaise mayo.
Grilled Mushroom Melt:$7.50
Sautéed balsamic mushrooms, melted provolone, spring mix, and truffle aioli on grilled Italian bread.
Pulled Pork BBQ:$8.50
North Carolina style pork, melted American cheese, chipotle aioli, and homemade Cole slaw on a potato roll.
Dagwood Samich:$10.00
Marble Rye packed with ham, pastrami, roast beef, Swiss, romaine, tomato, bacon, and mayo.
Picnic Chicken Panini:$8.50
Course ground mustard glazed chicken breast, sharp provolone, arugula, balsamic tomato, pressed Italian bread.
Spicy Grilled Chicken:$8.50
Grilled Chicken breast, hot sauce, and Bleu cheese, served with lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a potato roll.
Breakfast Steak:$9.00
Chopped ribeye with scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, mayo, melted cooper sharp, and crumbled bacon.
Chopped Pepper Steak:$9.00
Our choice steak blended with sweet peppers, diced jalapeño, banana peppers, and sharp provolone.
Italian Style Steak Sandwich:$10.00
Delicious beef steak, mozzarella pearls, marinara, pesto drizzle, and shaved Parmesan.
Epic Steak:$11.00
Ground beef and chopped ribeye topped with melted Brie, truffle aioli, scallions, arugula, and crumbed Parmesan crisps.
Gourmand Cheese Steak:$9.00
Ribeye steak, topped with sharp white cheddar, sautéed onions, and scallions on warm French baguette.
Spicy Chicken Cheesesteak:$8.50
Diced grilled chicken, Gourmand hot sauce, white cheddar sauce, crumbled blue cheese, scallions.
Smoked Salmon BLT:$9.00
Layers of cured salmon piled onto grilled Italian bread, topped with tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, and sumac berry aioli.
French Connection:$8.50
House roasted turkey breast, baked brie, fresh field greens, and mixed berry relish, on toasted French baguette.
Croque Monsieur:$8.50
Grilled ham, melted Gruyere blend, course grain mustard, and béchamel sauce on toasted Italian bread.
“THE” BLT:$8.50
Crispy Bacon piled high on white, wheat, or marble rye; topped with Hollandaise mayo, chopped romaine, and sliced tomatoes.
Tuna Melt:$8.50
House made tuna salad, melted Swiss cheese, thick cut tomato slices, on toasted marble rye.
COLE on Roll:$8.50
My son’s favorite, sliced ham, melted cooper sharp, lots of mayo, romaine, sliced tomato on a baked long roll.
Build Your Own:$8.00
(Choose 1 item from each category, and 3 choices of toppings. $1.00 charge for extra meat. $0.50 charge for extra cheese or toppings.)
Your choice of bread: Wraps include wheat, sun dried tomato, spinach, or plain; Italian bread, marble rye, cranberry wheat, potato roll, or long roll.
Protein: Ham, turkey, pastrami, roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad, bacon, or grilled chicken.
Cheese: Cooper sharp, provolone, American, Swiss, goat cheese, or shaved Parmesan.
Greens: Romaine, arugula, kale, or spring mix.
Toppings: Tomato, cucumber, asparagus, beets, red onion, mayo, mustard, hollandaise mayo, south west ranch, Caesar, chipotle aioli, hummus, olive tapenade, BBQ, balsamic glaze, sumac aioli, or truffle aioli.

(All burgers served with salt n’ pepper shoestring fries.)
The Standard:$10.50
Seasoned ground beef burger, grilled and topped with Cooper, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles on a potato roll.
Catalina Wine Burger:$12.50
Red wine marinated burger, grilled asparagus, olive tapenade, balsamic field greens, pickled tomato, bleu cheese.
Juicy Lucy:$12.50
Our all beef burger stuffed with American cheese, and topped with white onion, tomato, romaine, and our own steak sauce.
The Dutchy:$11.50
A perfectly cooked burger topped with a fried egg, griddled scrapple, crumbled bacon, and a maple cream cheese drizzle.
Umami Burger:$11.50
Sautéed mushrooms, truffle aioli, crumbled goat cheese, and banana peppers all atop a seasoned ground beef burger.
Diner Burger:$12.50
50’s style double patties, sautéed onions, ketchup, mayo, mustard, and molten white cheddar. Served w/ gravy fries.

Breakfast sandwich:$7.00
Grilled Italian bread with your choice ham, bacon, or sausage; and topped with American or provolone cheese.
Gourmand Breakfast Wrap:$8.00
Scrambled eggs, truffle aioli, sliced turkey, and crumbled goat cheese on your choice of wrap.
Eggs in a Basket:$5.00
Two dippy eggs baked into buttered Italian bread, garnished with diced scallions.
Featured Breakfast Scramble:$7.00
Our mash up of scrambled eggs, cubed, fried potatoes, and the chef’s selection of toppings.
Gourmand French Toast:$6.00
French baguette, fried in our signature egg batter, topped with maple syrup, butter, and powdered sugar.
CheeseSteak Omelet:$8.00
3 egg omelet with sautéed onions, chopped steak, and white cheddar sauce. Served with toast.
Truffled Mushroom Omelet:$8.00
3 eggs, balsamic mushrooms, and goat cheese, topped with truffle aioli. Served with toast.
Burgh Benedict:$8.00
Potato rolls topped with pastrami, fried eggs, melted provolone and Hollandaise, over a bed of fries.
Consuming raw or undercooked poultry, eggs, or fish increases your risk of food born illness.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray.Trays:$35 small $55 large
Seasonal Fresh Veggie Tray.Trays:$30 small $45 large
Margherita Skewers w/ Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil, and Balsamic Drizzle.Trays: $30 small $45 large $65 X large
Shrimp Cocktail w/ Buffalo Cocktail Sauce, Scallions, Lemon, & Artichoke Hearts.Trays: $35 small $70 large $110 X large
House Potato Chips or Fried Pita Chips.Bowls: $10 small $20 large
Dutchified Platter.Trays:$35 small $65 large
Lebanon Bologna, Cooper Sharp, Ring Bologna, Colby Jack, Cheddar, Pickles, Red Beet Eggs, Toasts, and Grain Mustard.
Cheese & Charcuterie Tray.Trays: $70 one size only
Assorted Italian Meats, Varietal Cheeses, Olives, House Made Pickles, Seasoned Toasts, and Dipping Sauces.
Tea Sandwich Variety.Trays: $45 small $55 large
Options include: Cucumber on Pumpernickel, Tuna Salad on Wheat, Smoked Salmon w/ Cream Cheese, Grilled Veggie, Ham, and Brie.
Assorted Wraps.Trays: $50 small $60 large
Turkey, Roast Beef, Pastrami, Ham, Lebanon Bologna, Tuna Salad, Provolone, American Cheese, Cooper Sharp, Swiss, Shaved Parmesan, Goat Cheese, Romaine, Spring Mix, Kale, Tomato Red Onion, Banana Peppers, Pico De Gallo, Mayo, Chipotle Aioli, Ranch, Truffle Aioli, Sumac Aioli, and Course Ground Mustard.
Our 3 FOOT Hoagie Sandwich.Serves 10-12: $50
Topped with Cream Cheese, Tavern Ham, Roast Turkey, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese, Provolone, Wedged Tomato, Mustard, Mayo, Spring Mix, Gherkin Pickles, and Cocktail Onions.
Assorted Sandwich Sliders.Trays: $55 small $65 large
Choose from the following: Tuna Melt, Pulled Pork, Hot Ham & Cheese, Salmon & Goat Cheese, Berks Sliders, or Mushroom Melts.
Caesar Salad.Bowls: $40 small $55 large
Mixed Green Tuna Salad.Bowls: $40 small $55 large
Southern Style Cobb Salad.Bowls: $40 small $55 large
Kale & Goat Cheese Salad.Bowls: $40 small $55 large
Guacamole w/ House Fried Chips.Serves 8-10: $40
Featured Hummus w/ House Fried Chips.Serves 8-10: $40
Olive Tapenade w/ House Fried Chips.Serves 8-10: $40
Signature Salsa w / House Fried Chips.Serves 8-10: $40
Cheeseburger Dip w/ House Fried Chips.Serves 8-10: $55
Buffalo Chicken Dip w/ House Fried Chips.Serves 8-10: $55

Chicken Skewers w/ Truffled Mushrooms and Goat Cheese.Serves 15-25 $70
Tempura Battered Chicken Tenders w/ Southwest Ranch & Gourmand Hot Sauce.Serves 15-25: $75
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Skewers w/ Crumbled Bleu Cheese.Serves 15-25 $70
Chicken Artichoke Piccata w/ Capers, Lemongrass, and Dill Served Over Seasoned Rice.Serves 15-25 $85
Breaded Chicken Parmesan w/ marinara sauce over baked penne pasta.Serves 15-25 $85
Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pickled Ginger, Julienne Apple Slaw & Diced Scallions over Rice.Serves 15-25 $100
Chicken Marsala w/ sliced Balsamic Mushrooms served over Italian Herb Orzo Pasta.Serves 15-25: $85
Course Ground Mustard Glazed Chicken Breast, topped w/ Tavern Ham & Baked Brie.Serves 15-25: $85
Seasoned Fried Chicken Breast topped w/ Sausage Gravy Served & Fresh Biscuits.Serves 15-25: $80
Chicken Oscar topped w/ Asparagus Spears, Lump Crab Meat & Hollandaise Sauce.Serves 15-25: $100
Marinated Portabella Steaks w/ Seasonal Sautéed Vegetable Medley.Serves 15-25: $75
Marinated Steak Skewers w/ Scallions and Maple Soy Glaze.Serves 15-25 $70
Slow cooked Short Ribs w/ Chimichurri sauce and roasted garlic cubed potatoes.Serves 15-25: $110
Surf N’ Turf Braciole w/ marinated London Broil wrapped around Lump Crab & Shrimp Salad.Serves 15-25: $140
Italian Beef cooked in Au Jus served w/ hard rolls, Shaved Parmesan, and Banana Peppers.Serves 15-25 $95
Certified Angus Burger slider station w/ topping bar.Serves 15-25: $115
Options include: Goat Cheese, Cooper Sharp, American Cheeses, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Crumbled Bacon, Mayo, Mustard, and Ketchup. Served on toasted brioche rolls.
Sirloin Steak Au Poivre w/ Shallot Butter served over crispy Matchstick Pommes Frites.Serves 15-25: $125
Angus Beef Tips w/ Burgundy-glazed Mushroom Gravy over Gemelli Pasta.Serves 15-25 $110
Sliced Garlic Steak Stir Fry w/ Snap Peas, Water Chestnuts, Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Pearl Onions.Serves 15-25: $90
Rosemary-infused NY Strip Steak served w/ Shallots over Herbed Couscous.Serves 15-25 $130
Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf Sliders stuffed w/ Mozzarella, and served w/ Marinara.Serves 15-25 $120
Panko Topped Macaroni & Cheese.Serves 15-25: $70
Crispy Breadcrumb-topped Mac w/ Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Mozzarella.
Bucatini Bolognese w/ Shaved Parmesan and Fresh Parsley.Serves 15-25 $70
Classic Rigatoni w/ Meatballs and melted Mozzarella.Serves 15-25 $80
Lump Crab Alfredo over Bucatini Pasta w/ Shaved Parmesan & Fresh Parsley.Serves 15-25: $110
Vegetarian Pasta bake w/ Olive Oil, Italian herbs, and melted low fat Mozzarella.Serves 15-25: $80
Broccoli, Carrots, Red Onion, Mushrooms, Asparagus, Green Beans, Bell Peppers, and Heirloom Tomatoes.
Cajun Penne Pasta w/ Sautéed Shrimp, Spicy Sausage, Red and Green Peppers & Mozzarella.Serves 15-25: $90
3-Cheese Lasagna w/ Italian Herbs and Marinara Sauce:Serves 15-25 $75
Sharp Provolone Alfredo over Rigatoni w/ Grilled Chicken:.Serves 15-25 $85
Panko-topped 3-Cheese Lobster Mac & Cheese.Serves 15-25 $130
Seafood Linguine topped w/ Spicy Marinara, Calamari, Mussels, Clams, Shrimp & Tilapia.Serves 15-25: $120
Fish N’ Chips with Panko-breaded Cod, Fried Potato Chunks, served w/ Malt Vinegar Tartar Sauce.Serves 15-25: $100
Rosemary-skewered Bacon-wrapped Scallops w/ Green Onion & Minced Garlic.Serves 15-25: $120
Broiled Salmon topped with Herb Butter, paper thin Lemon Slices and Scallions.Serves 15-25 $110
Seared, Rare Ahi Tuna Fillets w/ Pear-Cilantro Vinaigrette, and Pico de Gallo.Serves 15-25 $140
Oil Poached Ahi Tuna Fillets w/ Pear-Cilantro Vinaigrette, and Pico de Gallo.Serves 15-25: $120
Grilled Shrimp skewers topped w/ Soy Maple Glaze over stir-fried Vegetables.Serves 15-25: $110
Seafood Paella w/ seasoned Rice, Shrimp, Tilapia, Lump Crab, Clams, Scallops & Mussels.Serves 15-25: $130
Black Truffle Crab cakes w/ homemade North Carolina-style Hush Puppies.Serves 15-25 $120
Gourmand Shellfish Bake w/ Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Corn On The Cob & Redskin Potatoes.Serves 15-25: $130
Salmon Oscar with Asparagus Spears, Lump Crab Meat & Hollandaise Sauce.Serves 15-25: $120
Homemade Potato Chip & Basil encrusted Tilapia, served over Scalloped Potatoes.Serves 15-25: $100
Grilled Asparagus w/ Jicama, Bok Choy, Balsamic Reduction & Toasted Sesame Seeds.Serves 15-25: $80
Creamy, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes w/ Garlic & Chives.Serves 15-25: $65
Mixed Vegetable Medley w/ Broccoli, Carrots, Sautéed Onion & Snap Peas over Wild Rice.Serves 15-25: $60
Roasted Redskin Potatoes w/ Rosemary, Olive Oil & Minced Garlic.Serves 15-25: $65
Green Beans Almondine w/ Slivered Almonds & an Orange Liqueur Reduction.Serves 15-25: $65
Grilled Asparagus w/ Lemon Juice, Garlic, Cracked Black Pepper & Olive Oil.Serves 15-25: $70
Grilled Balsamic Tomatoes Stuffed w/ Fresh Mozzarella, Shredded Basil & Roasted Garlic.Serves 15-25: $70
Brown Sugar encrusted Mashed Sweet Potatoes w/ Wet Bottom Maple Glaze.Serves 15-25: $65
Eggplant Parmesan w/ Homemade Marinara, Mozzarella & Shaved Parmesan Cheeses.Serves 15-25: $85
House Roasted Turkey Breast w/ Savory Gravy, Pearl Onions, Whipped Butter & Rolls.Serves 15-25: $120
Gourmand’s Signature Pulled Pork served w/ Chipotle Aioli & Rolls.Serves 15-25 $110
Gourmand’s signature NC Style Pulled Pork served w/ Cabbage Slaw, Chipotle Aioli & Rolls.Serves 15-25: $110
Chili Dog Station w/ House-made Chili, Berks Hot Dogs & Potato Rolls.Serves 15-25: $120
Choose 5 toppings: Red Onion, Scallions, Banana Peppers, Shredded Cheddar, Crumbled Chicharrones, Bacon Bits, Crumbled Goat Cheese, Pickle Relish, Hard Boiled Egg, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Truffle Aioli & Sour Cream.
Fiesta Taco Station w/ House Fried Tacos & Seasoned Beef or Chicken.Serves 15-25: $100
Toppings include: Shredded Cheddar, Sour Cream, Hot Sauce, Lettuce, Diced Tomato, Diced Red Onion and Cilantro.
Grilled Cheese and Harvest Tomato Bisque Station.Serves 15-25: $90
Includes: Tempura battered Grilled cheese planks and our delicious Harvest Tomato Bisque for dipping.
New England Clam Chowder w/ house-made Croutons & Sliced Hard Boiled Egg.Serves 15-25: $80
Spicy Beef Chili w/ Whipped Butter and Italian Bread.Serves 15-25: $70
Homemade Italian Wedding Soup served w/ Baked Garlic Crostini.Serves 15-25: $60
Creamy Maryland Crab Soup served w/ Scallions & Lump Crab Topping.Serves 15-25: $80

Roast Beef wrapped Blanched Asparagus spears, w/ horseradish aioli and shaved Parmesan
Smoked Sa lmon tostadas w/ sour cream, capers, dill weed, and pickled red onion
Italian toasts topped with Caviar, pomegranate seeds, aged provolone, and scallions
NC style pulled pork over house fried nacho chip w/ julienne apple slaw, and chipotle aioli
Caprese skewer with heirloom tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil leaf, and balsamic reduction
Balsamic dressed arugula, with lime infused avocado salad topped with bell pepper chiffonade
Shrimp ceviche, pico de gallo, bacon crumble, cilantro aioli, Yukon gold potato chip taco
Kale salad, crumbled goat cheese, sumac berry dressing, dried cranberries, candied pecans
Ahi tuna ceviche, pickled red onion, avocado, over fresh spring mix
Balsamic mushrooms, truffle aioli, goat cheese, on marble rye toasts

Any combination of 3 items: $10 per person
Any combination of of 5 items: $18 per person

Sit down and salivate!

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